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Макрушин, А.В. (Russian Federation)
Максимовских, С.Ю. (Russian Federation)
Макухин, В.Л. (Russian Federation)
Малецкий, С.И. (Russian Federation)
Малышева, В.Ф. (Russian Federation)
Малышева, Е.Ф. (Russian Federation)
Малюхин, Д.М. (Russian Federation)
Мамаева, М.А. (Russian Federation)
Манойленко, К.В. (Russian Federation)
Марков, М.Л. (Russian Federation)
Мартин-Фернандес, Ж. (Spain)
Марфенин, Н.Н. (Russian Federation)
Матвеев, В.В., Northwest Institute of Management of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Governmental Service under President of the Russian Federation (Russian Federation)
Матвейчук, С.П. (Russian Federation)
Маюрова, А.С., ITMO University, Saint Petersburg (Russian Federation)
Мелони, М. (United Kingdom)
Меншуткин, В.В. (Russian Federation)
Мерабишвили, В.М. (Russian Federation)
Мещерякова, О.В. (Russian Federation)
Мингареева, Е.В., V.V. Dokuchayev Central Museum of Soil Science, Saint Petersburg, Russia (Russian Federation)
Минеев, А.К. (Russian Federation)
Мироненко, Н.В. (Russian Federation)
Митрофанова, Е.С. (Russian Federation)
Митрукова, Г.Г. (Russian Federation)
Митягин, С.Д. (Russian Federation)
Михайленко, Р.Р (Russian Federation)
Михалевич, В.И. (Russian Federation)
Морева, Л.Я. (Russian Federation)
Мурыгина, В.П. (Russian Federation)
Мясникова, Е.М. (Russian Federation)