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BIOSFERA (transliteration of the Russian БИОСФЕРА = BIOSPHERE) is positioned as an interdisciplinary journal of basic and applied sciences. The initiator and publisher of the journal is XXI Century Research Foundation (Saint-Petersburg, Russia).

 The objective of the journal is to present research results and ideas related to the following subjects:

-          the emergence and evolution of the biosphere;

-          the current conditions of the biosphere;

-          the natural and anthropogenic processes and trends in the whole biosphere and its  biotic and abiotic components;

-          the prerequisites of and possibilities for remedial and restorative interventions aimed to save specific ecosystems and the whole biosphere;

-          actually and potentially global social trends including demographic, urbanistic, migrational, communicational, energetic etc., able to cause significant changes in the biosphere;

-          scientific and technological proposals on restoring the existing and preventing of potential adverse changes in the biosphere including the sequela of scientific and technological advances, human progress in whole, political decisions etc.; and

-          the political and philosophical aspects of the above issues.

The prospective readership includes specialists in basic and applied environmental sciences, public and political activists and leaders, managers and administrators of industrial enterprises, heads of services involved in environmental protection and education, and students of relevant disciplines.

      The Editorial Bodies of the journal BIOSFERA consist of  the Executive Panel (Editor-in-Chief, Executive Editor, and President of XXI Century Research Foundation), the Editorial Board (comprised of leading Russian authorities in basic and applied environmental problems, including full and corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, heads of Russian environmental services, leaders of environmental projects, rectors of universities and colleges involved in basic and applied environmental sciences, and public leaders known by their prominent role in tackling of environmental problems), the Academic Secretariat (representatives of major institutions of higher education), and the International Editorial Council currently represented by FSU countries.

       The portfolio of journal articles is compiled mainly of manuscripts submitted by the advice of the members of the Editorial Bodies, although autonomous submission are also encouraged. Manuscripts shall be prepared as set forth in Guidelines for Authors and are reviewed by two anonymous referees chosen from the members of the Editorial Bodies or by their advice. After a manuscript is acknowledges as satisfying all requirements, its authors are asked to submit their personal synapses and photos to accompany the publication of their presentation.

     It is also planned to publish classic papers of outstanding importance for understanding of the issues stipulated above.  

      Selected articles presented in the journal are dubbed in a popular science format in the popular science journal “Machines and Mechanisms” published by “XXI Century Research Foundation”.

        The journal is published on the quaternary basis. The subscription to the hardcopies of the journal is possible via Russian subscription agencies or by a direct contract with its publisher. Since 2017, the online contents of the journal is available free (gold open access) at its official site (here).


The journal BIOSFERA
(transliteration of the Russian БИОСФЕРА = BIOSPHERE)
is founded and published by XXI Century Research Foundation
(Saint Petersburg, Russia)
ISSN 2077-1371 (print edition) ISSN 2077-1460 (web edition)



Journal statistics in eLibrary


Journal statistics in eLibrary

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